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We all want to make a good impression and your lawn is the first thing people notice about your home. My Guy helps to improve your curb appeal with our fertilization programs. Having that green and healthy lawn takes a lot of time that most people just don’t have. That’s where My Guy comes in.

Premium Quality - Designed specifically for Lawns in Utah, My Guy Lawn Fertilization is for homeowners who demand superior results. We recognize that when homeowners choose us they expect the highest quality. We have made it our Mission to deliver on those expectations.

Better Weed Control - My Guy uses weed prevention products that are long lasting and work in your soil to eliminate weeds early, before they germinate in your lawn. Most Homeowners can see weeds dying within 24 hrs of My Guy treating the lawn.

Better Fertilization - My Guy uses a customized fertilizer blend that is designed for the Utah climate. We use a granular fertilizer that helps pull the roots down deeper into the soil and lasts longer then the normal liquid fertilizer. Finally, your lawn will receive exactly what it needs exactly when it needs it most.

Better Insect Control for lawns - My Guy includes a bug preventative at no additional cost. We also include targeted spot treatments for insects like webworms and white grub as problems come up.