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My Guy Home Services provides the highest levels of pest control safety and service, at some of the most affordable rates in our industry. We use the most effective and family-friendly products available to help protect your home and family. We strive to be the best so our customers know that when we come out, we will take care of everything.

We have spent many hours training our technicians to make sure they are highly skilled and licensed. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the inside and outside of your home and property, and will create a customized treatment program for you and your home. At My Guy Home Services, we know that not all pests are the same and in order to successfully eliminate the problem, a customized treatment plant must be implemented.

Our inspection and service process focuses on the following five specific areas:


Our technicians will inspect and treat underneath all of the eves of your home, sweeping away all the spider webs and wasp nests as well as other insects, making sure they do not enter into the home through the attic or ventilation system. Treating the eves helps keep your home safe and looking great.

Windows & Doors:

Windows and doorways are the primary ways for pests to enter your home. My Guy treats around all windows and doors to ensure pests are unable to gain access to the inside. We even treat in the window tracks to make sure all points of entry are closed off to bugs.


We establish a 8-foot barrier around the foundation of your home. We also treat entry ways, patios, Inside the garage and under decks to help keep unwanted pests out of your home.

Yard & Lawn:

We treat grass areas with a time-release granule, which helps protect the lawn, and establishes a strong barrier to keep insects away from the house. Our technicians inspect the entire property and treat for wasp nests, ant colonies, spider nesting sites, and many other types of insects wherever they may be making a home.

Fence, Sheds & Play Ground Equipment:

My Guy technicians also treat along the fence lines, stopping the bugs before they get close to your home. They also look and treat around any play ground equipment or sheds on the property to keep your kids safe and sheds free of wasps and poisonous spiders.


During our initial service, we will treat the interior of your home. We treat around the baseboards in all rooms (no need to move furniture). We also treat under sinks, behind the stove, fridge, and washer and dryer. My Guy use's the most family and pet friendly products available, inside and outside of your home.

My Guys Guarantee:

If the pests return, we do too. If you ever need an extra service in between your warranty because you are seeing pests inside or outside your home, notify us by phone and we will return within 48 hours to retreat the interior or exterior at no extra charge.